Chief complaint: lost herself for about 6 months

Present illness: 

    This 23-year-old female complained about losing herself for 6 months. Trauma history: broken up, terminating a 4-year relationship. Her heart was tortured with mild depress toward anger, and numbness on her face after active emotions subsided. This happened intermittently about once a week, and lasted 2~5 days averagely, sometimes even up to 2 weeks. 

    The disturbence was triggered at night. Everytime she witnessed couples with fingers locked worsen her situation. To relieve the sorrow, she watched movies, participated some activities and pretending she's one of them. Depression was also acompanied with tears(+, less happened recently), feeling helpless(+), being abandoned(+), loss of motivation(+), refusing to step out on weekands(+), having difficulty building long-term relationship(+, progressively). She was impressed by a picture (as below), and searched for help. 

Past history:

    - spoiled by her ex-boyfriend

    - happy memory before


    Too dependent on the past, having trouble in being alone, especially at night


    1. Concentrate on clinical learning to distract herself

    2. Watching movies herself or with others, listening to Adele's music

    3. Doing exercise, eg. running, cycling regularly

    4. Traveling alone on foot or by bike

    5. Keep writing blogs, though being swallowed into a black hole with no response


2015 年:成就達成

    1. 大體實驗 8X pass,通過第一階段醫師國考

    2. 燙捲毛、換眼鏡、學會戴隱形眼鏡

    3. 搬回家住、學會騎機車XD

    → 反省:未撰寫大五上的計畫,適應新環境+healing情況還不錯,2016要記得寫計畫才能檢討。



2016 新年新希望:You are what you choose to be !

    1. 開心每一天

        (1) 寫部落格也是種healing的手段,尤其沒人可以說的時候,李杏是你的朋友。

        (2) 壞心情不要隔夜

        (3) 寬以待人,嚴以律己:對別人好一點、多關心別人一點。

    2. 知識和技能

        (1) 積極的臨床學習:熟練內科學和技能和EKG和x光、練習寫case report、參加EBM比賽

        (2) 衛教或EBM 等工具文

        (3) 複習基礎:解剖、組織、病理...

        (4) 準備英文檢定的考試(聽說讀寫)

        (5) 整理檔案到筆記、雲端

    3. 經營生活 (運動和休閒)

        (1) 學日語(基本會話)、看電影、看書

        (2) 旅遊札記:推廣高雄之美

        (3) 跑步、訓練台、體操(20min)和拉筋(10min) → 健康是一種意識,不是體重計上的數字




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